At AVRO Insurance Managers Ltd, your aviation insurance requirements are our first priority. As a Lloyd's Managing General Agent, we have been underwriting aviation insurance across Canada since 1978.

Call us toll free at 1-800-796-AVRO (2876), or email to learn how AVRO Insurance Managers Ltd can provide you and your clients with the best aviation coverage at the most competitive price.


In the unfortunate event that you need to file a claim, AVRO Insurance Managers Ltd is here to help 24/7. For immediate assistance, please call 1-800-796-AVRO (2876). For emergency claims, please contact the following individuals directly:

Martin Digby 289-834-4022


  1. Record the following information, which will be required to get your claims process underway:

    • WHO: Know the name of insured, name of pilot, name of claimant(s), names of witnesses, names of injured parties, names of aircraft operators and names of FBOs.
    • WHAT: What aircraft were involved? Obtain the Registration #'s.
    • WHEN: When did the accident/incident happen? Make note of the date and time.
    • WHERE: Where did the accident/incident happen?
    • WHY: Provide details of the accident/incident including a description of the damage.
    • HOW: How can we contact you? Who should the adjuster contact? Provide the best method of contact: phone numbers (work, home, cell) or email address.

  2. Expedite your claim process by completing a Claim Report online. In the case of serious injury or death, please contact us by phone immediately. 

  3. Review your duties in the event of a loss.